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Hebridean Air Services Ltd. offer a Private Air Ambulance to serve the Highlands and Islands of Scotland with repatriation to the main hospitals in Scotland and England, as well as transfers to meet jet aircraft for International transfer flights. 
Our BN Islander aircraft are equipped with Lifeport (the industry standard) stretcher and sled. This equipment is capable of loading and offloading the patient without undue stress. Our aircraft interior has been re-fitted with wipe clean roof, walls and flooring to keep hygene paramount. In addition to the patient and paramedic, we can carry a further two relatives or walking patients.
Using our UK Civil Aviation Authority approval to land at over 40 airfields in Scotland, we are offering cost effective patient transfer and can serve  local authorities and hospitals, insurance companies, and the transfer of private individuals for International flights. All of our aircraft are equipped to fly in most weather conditions found in Scotland including icing.mailto:ops@hebrideanair.com?subject=%20Hebridean%20EnquiryLifeport_Stretcher.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1

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