Hebridean Air Services 
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A personal Air Charter flying service to any destination in Scotland (and further afield) according to your schedule.ion in Scotland (and further afield) according to your schedule.
Air Freight - the Islander aircraft can take up to 650kgs.
Medical flights - Air Ambulance - urgent medicines
TV flying work so far  - includes two Taggarts, and for ITN news.
Film work - the film ‘The Last Great  Wilderness’ starring Alistair Mackenzie. We can arrange flights to encompass Golf and pleasure Tours, whisky distilleries, fine Scottish restaurants, castles and ancestry.
Aerial photography - Bird Surveys -  Joint Nature Conservation duck survey 2007/8, SNH gannet count. - Funeral flights -Contract work, Local Authority, scheduled work and urgent breakdowns.

Each Britten Norman Islander Aircraft can take a maximum of nine passengers, depending on baggage weight. Your quotation will be worked out using an hourly flying rate for the aircraft, and then by adding any other airfield fees particular to your individual flight, eg landing fees, positioning, parking, in flight catering etc. Information we may ask for:mailto:ops@hebrideanair.com?subject=Hebridean%20enquiryshapeimage_2_link_0

No. of passengers

Weight of baggage or freight

Departure and destination airfields 

Dates and timings

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